Saturday, June 2, 2018

Wild water buffalo: tamaraw

Tamaraw (Bubalus mindorensis) is a wild water buffalo endemic to the island of Mindoro, Philippines. It is one of the world’s critically endangered species.

Tamaraw is a small buffalo; females have been estimated to weigh approximately 300 kg. It closely resembles the Philippine water buffalo (carabao) except for its massive horns, which grow upward and caudally forming a V.

82% of adult males were lone individuals, while 66% of adult females were either solitary or accompanied by calves. Tamaraw feed primarily on grasses and young bamboo shoots in open grasslands.

The main current threat to the Tamaraw is habitat loss due to farming by resettled and local people. Historically, this species was hunted for both subsistence and sport, which led to a period of drastic decline in numbers of individuals and populations. The introduction of cattle in the past also caused a rinderpest epidemic that contributed to a further decline in numbers.
Wild water buffalo: tamaraw
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