Saturday, May 13, 2017

Habitat of otters

Otters are particularly fastidious animals and are highly selective in their choice of habitat. On land, otters need safe refuges in which to sleep and breed.

Some, like the smooth otter, may excavate their own den, but most make use of ready existing facilities such as a hole in the river bank cavities amongst tree roots, in waterside scrub, reed beds or marshes.
The vast geographic range in which the river otter is found, from marine environment to high mountain lakes to desert canyons, is testament to their ability to adapt to a variety of aquatic habitats.

Otters are generally most abundant along food-rich coastal areas estuaries, the lower portions of streams, and coastal marshes, in locations with the least amount of human disturbance. In Canada they occur north beyond the tree line in tundra lakes and streams.

In west-central Idaho, prey availability had the greatest influence on habitat use by river otter but adequate shelter was necessary for extensive habitat use.
Habitat of otters
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